Iconic Masterpieces from House of Finn Juhl

Iconic Masterpieces from House of Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl is regarded by many as one of the founding fathers of the modern Danish design movement. Born in 1912 in Frederiksberg, Denmark, Finn Juhl had aspirations of becoming an art historian. Juhl enrolled at the Department of Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. 

The 1930s was an important period in furniture design as modern design, a lot of which we see today, started to emerge. While he was still a student Juhl started working with the prominent Danish architect Vilhelm Lauritzen. He worked on major projects such as the Danish Broadcasting House and Copenhagen Airport. In fact, Juhl was kept so busy that we never finished his studies but was successful none the less. 

In 2001 House of Finn Juhl was trusted with the exclusive rights to manufacture and relaunch Finn Juhl’s sculptural and iconic furniture by Finn Juhl’s widow Hanne Wilhelm Hansen. Today the unique Finn Juhl collection consists of more than 40 classic masterpieces, all of which are manufactured with the utmost respect for the original heritage and strict demands for quality. 

Nordic Living is the sole distributer in Scotland for House of Finn Juhl. We have a number of iconic Finn Juhl pieces, like the Chieftain Chair and the 108 Chair in our showroom and can work with you to pick, design and deliver you own Finn Juhl masterpiece.

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