How Fredericia use sustainable and traceable leather

How Fredericia use sustainable and traceable leather

Research has shown that it’s more important than ever that the brands we admire use traceable and sustainable raw materials. We’re not simply investing in a piece of furniture – we’re investing in raising animal welfare standards, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Family-owned furniture brand Fredericia has turned it's focus to leather. A material integral to some of their classic designs, Fredericia has chosen to use SPOOR leather, a by-product of the meat & dairy industry and a perfect example of upcycling waste material from nature.

From a humble chair factory in 1911 to the brand we see today, Fredericia has always encouraged customers to buy less but buy better. Iconic designs such as the Spanish Chair and the Mogensen 3236 Chair are built to last for generations using only FSC certified woods.

Fredericia’s leather is so sustainable, in fact, that SPOOR are able to trace the hide used in their furniture back to the individual animal and farm where it was ethically raised. Care and respect for the animal is the main concern, with Spoor guaranteeing that every hide comes from an animal that lived free of pain, fear, or hunger.

“Respect for nature and its materials has always been central to our business. This means that it is also important to us to know the origin of the materials we use in our production." Says Rasmus Graversen, the head of design and product management for the brand.

Seeking more? You can try the Spanish Chair out for yourself in our Edinburgh showroomor get in touch with one of our design experts to find out more.