Learn more about Danish designer Christina Lundsteen

Learn more about Danish designer Christina Lundsteen

Christina Lundsteen is a Danish cushion designer with a unique sense of colour. She offers a rainbow of coloured cushions that will fill your home with love and happiness. If you are looking for soft furnishings that make a statement, a Christina Lundsteen cushion is perfect. 

Lundsteen challenges the way you thing about mixing colours and patterns with vibrant creations you could only dream of. In addition to her bold approach to colour, she has an eye for details and a love for craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Each cushion is hand made in Denmark, and finished by Lundsteen herself to ensure each and every one is perfect. 

Since 2006 the collection has grown every year, and today Christina Lundsteen offers over 100 different styles of cushion, most of which you can find at here at nordic living by biehl. Each cushion is an example of her signature style, characterised by cheerful bright colours and unexpected combinations. Sometimes she pushes boundaries, but it is always elegant.

Shop Christina Lundsteen here or visit www.christinalundsteen.com for inspiration.

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