(Re)discover Louis Poulsen Icons

(Re)discover Louis Poulsen Icons

In perfect alignment with the Danish design tradition of form following function, each Louis Poulsen lamp is designed to provide exceptional illumination. Their beauty follows that.

Take the PH 5 for example, originally designed to ensure that there was space for the ever-changing sizes of lightbulbs, while providing glare-free light. It has become one of the most loved Poul Henningsen designs and is perfect above the dining room table.

Other examples of timeless beauty and iconic designs from Louis Poulsen are Panthella by Verner Panton and PH 80 by Poul Henningsen, both originally designed in the 1970s. Their designs are a wonderful example of how heritage designs blend seamlessly into contemporary homes.

Louis Poulsen lights are designed to last and made by skilled craftsmen, using the highest quality materials. This can be seen in the PH Artichoke for example – its 72 leaves are carefully checked and then attached to the frame by hand, ensuring the fantastic quality. Another is Patera by Øivind Slaatto, which is hand-woven in Denmark, a precise craft that requires skill and concentration. That’s what makes it an icon.

We have a number of iconic Louis Poulsen designs on display in our showroom. Visit us the next time you're in Edinburgh to have a look, or get in touch with our design team for more information.